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Employment Agreement

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In accepting employment as a tutor for the Center for Student Learning, I understand and agree to the following:

I am capable of tutoring the subjects listed on my application and will notify CSL staff if at any time I do not feel comfortable tutoring a particular course or subject area. I have a minimum 3.0 GPA and will maintain it during my time of employment. I have earned B+ or higher grade, in the departmental courses for which I am tutoring.

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I agree to attend the CSL Student Employee Training Workshops.

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I will keep all scheduled appointments with students and arrive on time. If I cannot attend a tutoring session, I will notify the student in advance. I agree to reschedule any appointments that I must cancel.

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I will keep my sign-in sheets (if applicable) and time sheets up to date and accurate. I will complete all required forms on a regular and timely basis.

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I am familiar with the materials currently used in the course(s) I tutor.

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As an employee of the Center for Student Learning, I will conduct myself at all times in a professional manner while performing my duties.

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I will remember that as a CSL tutor, I am also serving the College of Charleston and will treat with respect each student who comes to me for assistance.

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I understand that as a CSL employee I may not discuss or divulge information regarding the students I tutor.

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I will notify CSL staff of any questions or concerns that I have regarding the students I work with or any aspect of the CSL program.

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Faculty Recommendation

A recommendation is required from a member of the College of Charleston faculty teaching in the department for which you wish to tutor. Please email this link to your professor, and have him/her submit this online form. Faculty Recommendation Form at https://forms.cofc.edu/csl/tutor-faculty-recommendation/